Thursday, September 25, 2014

share the road

ambling, meandering run in the rain.

i could've gone faster, but there were lots of snails and slugs on the trail.

faster feet (and wheels and beaks and claws) may find them.

but not mine. 

different measures

"if you want different results, you have to do different things."

~ somebody

i have a hard time letting go.

this is a symptom of refusing to quit because, you know, quitters quit, and no one likes a quitter.

or something.

so i hang on, and hang in, and persist, and do many silly, useless things rather than do the smart thing. which would be to step back, take a deep breath, and perform a ritual (metaphorical) amputation.

"One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go – whether it’s guilt, anger, love or loss. Change is never easy – you fight to hold on and you fight to let go. But oftentimes letting go is the healthiest path forward. It clears out toxic thoughts from the past. You’ve got to emotionally free yourself from the things that once meant a lot to you, so you can move beyond the past and the pain it brings you. Again, it takes hard work to let go and refocus your thoughts, but it’s worth every bit of effort you can muster."

~ Marc and Angel Chernoff, "1000 Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently"

"free yourself from the things that once meant a lot to you."

it can be done. i have, in fact, done it.

but it ain't easy...