Sunday, July 23, 2017

unready to run

mountains like these await. they can do that,
because they're mountains, and they have lots of
time. i don't. 

it's been a while since i wrote something here.

it's almost like i didn't have anything to say.

not the case.

actually, there's been too much to say, and too much happening in our little corner of the world, and most days it's all i can do to keep the barbarians from the gate. 

so, the page stays blank.

we'll break that streak and begin turning the tide today with this important reminder: i'm registered for the squamish 50-mile (aug. 19), and i'm not ready. i am, in fact, entirely unready.

because i haven't had the energy to train.

i felt good coming out of miwok. good enough to run a 25k two weeks later, and a half-marathon two weeks after that. ever since then it's been a steady slide into bleahhhhhh...

not sure what the cause is, but the symptoms are:
no speed
no strength
no flow
no energy
no interest

not every run sucks, but most of them do.

and i'm tired of being tired. so, i've started taking an iron/B-vitamin supplement, on the unsubstantiated premise that i'm iron-and-B-vitamin-deficient. a situation i can totally fix with a handful of magic pills.


there's still time to be ready for squamish. not readyready, but you know, ready-ish. at this point i will happily settle for ready-ish, because it'll mean i've broken out of this funk and actually feel like running again.

not just for the sake of squamish. but because it's summer in the pacific northwest, and it's mountain-adventure-running season, and mountain-adventure-running season is not something to be frittered away in a funk. 

because before we know it, 35-degrees-and-rain will descend upon us like the thousand nations of the persian empire.

and who wants that?

no one. that's who.

gotta run.