Friday, June 08, 2018

the journey continues

i took a walk through this beautiful world
felt the cool rain on my shoulders
i took a walk through this beautiful world
i felt the rain getting colder
sha la la la la la...
bon voyage, bon viveur.

~ queens of the stone age
i had a conscious thought regarding opening twitter this morning.

"no matter what's happened, it can't reach me. i'm good."

[deep breath]

wrong again.
"anthony bourdain dead at 61."

he committed suicide.
i didn't know tony bourdain, but he and his show "parts unknown" had a big impact on my life over the last couple years. his love of creating and sharing good food with people of all descriptions and backgrounds inspired me to learn more and care more about how i work in our kitchen.

he convinced me that rather than just "cook dinner," i could whip up food that makes people raise their eyebrows and say, "wow." and that i should at least try to do that, every time.

bourdain convinced my wife and me that a life built around cooking, travel, and adventure could be more than something we watch on netflix, sending us off to plan our own journey.
those plans are now in the works and, we believe, within our grasp. all due in part to "parts unknown."

thank you, tony.

rest easy.