Monday, January 26, 2015

greek non-tragedy

i'm injured.*

and by injured, i mean, "temporarily unable to run or climb hills/stairs without uncomfortable pain in my right achilles-ish area."

in short, i have a running-related boo-boo.

this is not to be confused with a serious or debilitating condition that might warrant actual sympathy.

having said that, i'm injured enough that my participation in the orcas island 25k (a mere 5 days away), seems unlikely. 

glimmer of hope: since today is only monday, there's still time for an unexpected, inexplicable recovery.

i'm elevating and heating and wearing a compression sleeve and taking l-glutamine and smearing on arnica gel. also, trying to schedule appointments with the chiropractor (done) and the sports massage therapist.

so, i'm saying there's a chance.

either way, in the grand scheme of things, missing a race due to injury is nothing. the overriding goal is to continue running for many years to come. so (barring rapid and preternatural improvement), taping up everything below the knee and running the race anyway would be unwise, unreasonable, and uncalled-for.

i'm surprised i would even think of such a thing.


* achilles strain? achilles tendinitis? soleus? shin splints? i don't know. i experienced this injury two and a half years ago, and neither a chiropractor, a primary care doc, nor a sports medicine specialist were able to provide a differential diagnosis. recovery took nearly a month, but ultimately i was pain-free in time for a goal race in hawai'i.