Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Short Thoughts Too Long to Tweet

Writing-wise, my brain is so full, it's empty.

The past few weeks have been an unbroken stretch of anticipation, change, setbacks, and stress—all BEFORE the holidays even begin.


So, my wife didn't get the West Coast-based gig she wanted (and deserves) with her current company. This is problematic on several fronts—not the least of which is the real prospect our ballyhoo'd move to the Big Island will be indefinitely delayed. #boohooballyhoo

It also means company-paid trips to San Diego (and side-visits with our college-attending daughter) won't happen. It further means the missus will likely have to continue business travel to the East Coast, DESPITE THE FACT THAT WE LIVE IN SEATTLE. #corporatelogic

Our son, meanwhile, has moved to Ellensburg, WA, to attend Central Washington University. This transition was not without its own stressors. The to-do list literally went on for days: find an apartment, secure renter's insurance, reserve a U-Haul, pick up U-Haul, load U-Haul with enough furniture to sustain a college student for at least a couple years, move said furniture (INCLUDING A WAY TOO-HEAVY LEATHER COUCH) up two flights of apartment stairs, drive U-Haul back to Seattle on I-90 in pouring rain and often heavy traffic.*

(*Ed. Note: U-Hauls are stress on wheels. The last time we rented one, I bumped it into the corner of a building, causing a $1,000 worth of damage to building and vehicle. I find this stressful, if you can imagine such a thing.) #bumpedabuilding

Our golden-years golden retriever, Kate, is unwell. Her ears are a swamp of infection, inflammation, and ulceration. In a concurrence of cross-contamination, one of her back paws has also become a hot mess. No matter how many meds we throw at these problems, they stubbornly refuse to improve. Kate is relentlessly stoic; we are incessantly worried. #backtothevet

Stress dreams are a regular thing now. Last night, for example, I dreamed I was being led to execution (though I was unaware of committing any capital crime). I tried to call my wife to let her know what was happening, but the phone in my hand was an old Windows-based device that I'd forgotten how to use. #generallyWTF

In an effort to balance the effects of these (and other) life events, I've altered/increased my exercise routine. After a 10-year hiatus, I've resumed strength training. I quit the weight room after surgeries on my ACL and my neck, and never felt the need to go back, because... #thread

The subsequent exercise obsession, running, has been so much better for my body and my little brain. The ultra running part, tho, is hard. If I want to keep that up (and I do), it's obvious that cross-training will be required... #ultrarunningishard #vertisreal

On the upside, there's been noticeable improvement on the climbs. On the downside, my body is tired and sore in ways it hasn't been in a long time. #weightliftingprobs

Today, tho, is good. Our daughter is home from school, and she just kicked my butt putting me through one of her weight room workouts. It included things I'm either not comfortable with (hi, weighted lunges!), rarely do (kettle bell and other plyometrics), or never do (core, core, and more core). #gonnafeelthatlater

Now she's making chocolate chip cookies, and my job is chief cookie dough taster. Turns out, I'm pretty good at it. #runningfuel #gottarun