Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Acutely hipster

Worth it.
Four weeks post-Miwok, my hips are hurting.

I suppose I know why.

It's not because I suffered an injury during the race, or even during the miles I've run since then.

It's because I jammed all the training for a 100k event into a seven-week block.

If you search the internet for "7-week 100k training plan" you'll find...nothing. Because it's not something people do. Unless they're desperate or under duress. 

I was both, so, yay.

And now I have residual hip pain, likely the cumulative effect of too much distance and elevation in too little time. 

It might also be the result of not banking enough total miles to take on a 100k day.

Again, probably both. Yay.

I'm not complaining. My short-term goal was to get to the starting line with a chance finish...and that's exactly what I got.

Lesson learned? Most likely nothing. I did what I wanted to do, rather than what I probably should have done, and it worked out. If the same situation were to happen again (please, no), I would very likely do the same thing all over again.

Because I'm stubborn. Or stupid. Probably both.


Tuesday, June 04, 2019

The Aztec Experience

Impressive Aztec headgear.
The Aztec Empire once covered most of northern Mesoamerica, spanning from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

Aztec art, architecture, and cultural influence* spread widely and across centuries—until the arrival of Spanish conquistadores, who were not there to deliver tidings of peace and goodwill. 

(The Spaniards were, in fact, there to extract as many of the local resources as possible, without regard to the actual locals.)

Euphemistic note: at this historical juncture, the Aztec civilization did not continue to thrive.
Somewhat less impressive
Aztec headgear.
Since the passing of several hundred years apparently allows us to relate such events with persiflage...

The Aztec Experience lives on at San Diego State University!

Not literally, one hopes.

Since our daughter will be attending SDSU very soon.
Coach Nieto on the left.
SDSU cheerleader on the right.
Short story shorter: Avery was accepted at SDSU and the University of San Diego. Over spring break she and a teammate on the Ballard High School competitive cheer squad went to tour both campuses...AND to try out for the SDSU competitive cheer program. In a very unlikely turn of events, both made the team.

Elaboration: the SDSU women's cheer team is an elite program, on par with, oh-I-don't-know, Alabama football or Duke University basketball.  The competition for the handful of open spots on the team is enthusiastic: more than a hundred young women tried out this year. And both our home girls made it? Extraordinary.
SDSU is not kind to out-of-state students, cost-wise. Apparently they have to pay for the pyramids and temples and huge stone monuments.
Whoops. Not the SDSU campus.

On the upside, though, I did get a nice SDSU hat as a gift with purchase. Avery's mom got an SDSU t-shirt. So it almost evens out.
Cheer practice starts July 20, so Avery and her mom are flying down July 17 to get acclimated. They'll both attend an orientation session, one for students, one for parents.

After a month or so, AG comes home for a week, then heads back down to campus.
Actual SDSU campus.

Fall classes begin Aug. 26.

It will surprise no one to learn...I'm not ready.
* If by "cultural influence" you mean wars of aggression, ritualistic human sacrifice, and vast slave-holding, then yes.
 Pick your own favorite elite examples, I have no preference.