Monday, September 04, 2017

post-game, the squamish edition

do i want to continue seeing sights like these?
yes. yes, i do.
we’re not better or worse
only different at first
simply humans on earth
learning to shine
and when the day brings the hurt
when the night burns
i swear that’s where we shine

~ arruda, woodward, and mcmahon 
"if you want different results, you have to do different things."

it's true, and i'm in.

debilitating stomach troubles have become the new normal for me at longer race distances. and if i want to continue running these things (i do), i have to find a way to a better belly.

which is how i recently found myself in the office of sports nutritionist (and amazing ultrarunner) jess mullen. when it comes to race-day nutrition, she knows a thing or two because she's seen a thing or two.

on jess's recommendation, different results will start with different preparation a week before race day:
  • cutting down (or cutting out) caffeine and alcohol (a small annoyance, well worth it)
  • a few days of nexium to pre-calm my stomach (which was recently diagnosed with stress gastritis)
race day will include:
  • a long-burning, easy-on-the-stomach egg, cheese, and avocado breakfast sandwich 
  • more food (fats like nuts and cheese; complex carbs like fig newtons and hummus wraps) more often (every half hour whether i feel like it or not)
  • something other than water in the water bottles (like electrolytes! and sodium!)

i don't know if this prescription is the cure for what ails me during long races, but what i do know is my layman's solutions have failed hilariously.

what i do know is that jess's suggestions make good sense, and i like things that make sense.

it's good to be different.
update: okay, now i have a hamstring injury.