Monday, December 07, 2015

drive time

on the way to work this morning, i rolled up to a stop light.

standing at the corner was one of our ubiquitous homeless. the hood was up on his inadequate raingear, his sign was dog-eared, and he carried a battered cane.

i waved to him, and he slowly shuffled over. the light was about to change, and the line behind me was eager, no doubt, to make their right turn on red. i felt hurried and a little anxious.

"how about some breakfast?" i asked, offering him my clif bar.

saying something i didn't quite catch, he took it from me and then said, "thank you."

"you're welcome," i replied, rolling up my window as i turned and accelerated, already late.

the first notes of 'happy christmas (war is over)' began as the man's words finally coalesced...

"i don't have any teeth."

"what am i supposed to do with that?" i silently yelled at no one.

pounding the steering wheel a couple times, i drove on.