Wednesday, March 01, 2006


photo  phone

we don't answer the phone at our house.

too many junk calls. the phone rings twice, or four times, and the answering machine picks up.

sometimes, recently, in the silence that precedes a hang-up, i half-expect to hear a familiar voice: "hi, guys, it's joan. are you there?"

that's what she always said, and it always prompted us to pick up.

now, though, there's only silence, and the answering machine goes back to waiting.



Bon said...

heeey ... you changed this post. I was gonna ask what it is you're waiting for.
ya know kid, these joan postings are good stuff. the kind of stuff novels are made of.


spaceneedl said...

i think the answer to your question is, "waiting to hear that familiar voice." i miss hearing it. she's been gone 7 months, but she's still a significant presence at our house.