Saturday, April 28, 2007

saturday soap opera

decked out in her purple uniform, our daughter looks like a real little leaguer. and when she gets hit by consecutive line drives at shortstop, she reacts like a little leaguer.

she cries.

"why do they have to hit it to me every time?"

in little league, "the ready position" doesn't really mean anyone is ready. hands on knees, eyes toward home plate, and the hit! whack! oooh, that's gotta hurt.

mind you, our daughter is a tough chick. she's not given to tears over scrapes and bumps. we taught her long ago to pop up and keep going. and she does. most of the time.

but back-to-back line drives are more than anyone should have to absorb. even so, after half an inning she had recovered sufficiently to go out and get a couple base hits.

that was last saturday.

today she's ready to go again, looking cute as she wants to be in her color-coded jersey, socks and hat. the hat's got a big M on it, for magnolia. just like all the other hats.

"a.g., do you know what to do if the ball is hit to you today?"

"try to catch it, i guess."

my girl.


Bon said...

Well, what's the update? Any attempted catching today?

And anyhow ... what are littler leaguers doing hitting line drives?

don't they know better?

spaceneedl said...

no catches, a couple of flinches, and no one left on base.

some of these 6-year olds smack the heck out of the ball. i have to think they're practicing on their siblings at home.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on the entry where you go to jail for attacking the kids who hit the line drive at that precious little girl.