Tuesday, November 04, 2008


i work with an african-american woman from chicago.

earlier today i told her i was worried. that i had no faith in americans to do the right thing.

she said she had faith. and that she began celebrating the day obama won the democratic nomination, because she never thought she'd see such a day.

she said no matter what happened today, tomorrow would be a day to celebrate.

she was right.

about everything.


Anonymous said...

I teared up during the mccain concession. I weeped during the Obama speech. I've been crying while driving listening to NPR. I'm choked up typing this. I don't know if anything will get fixed, but hope is a wonderful thing.


spaceneedl said...

i feel you. today dawned sunny here in the northwest, and even now i can't believe what just happened.

the evidence is right there in 2-inch type on the front page...and i still can't believe it.