Friday, March 12, 2010

the future, gaining

six years ago we returned to seattle, determined never to leave.

we fell in love with the place the first time around, in the late 80s. as it happened, we left anyway, following jobs that we imagined would become careers that would lead us to security if not prosperity. for the next 15 years, even as we moved between a series of cities that were not seattle, we pined and planned to return.

things change. quick.

for example, it wasn't long ago that a hybrid car from, say, toyota was a technological wonder and a bit of a status symbol. now it's a harbinger of "oh my god, it's behind us...get out of the way!"

it wasn't long ago that the washington huskies basketball team couldn't win a road game and had played itself into last place in the pac-10. tonight the dawgs have won 7 straight away from hec-ed pavilion, and won the pac-10 tournament. they're march-madly dancing.

it wasn't long ago that barack obama was elected president. the result of which would be a restoration of the u.s. to a place among respectable nations and bringing balance to the force. that or the implemention of an al qaida hegemony and the end of america as we know it.

the jury's still out on barry's impact on the future of history.

today another earthquake rocked the pacific rim, this time in indonesia. this evening, the spacedogs are acting nervous and unsettled, for no apparent reason. the boychild said, "they're sensing an earthquake is about to happen here." he laughed. we didn't.

today mrs. spaceneedl and i cleaned out the garage and sent a truckload of stuff to goodwill and the dump. meanwhile, the kitchen that would not live or die continued its journey through perdition. you know when the subcontractors are working on the weekend that things continue to skid sideways.

here's a crazy thought: what if we added another city to our personal history? san diego, say, or wilmington, nc. that'd be unexpected, wouldn't it?

things change. quick.

to misquote a wise man, "don't look over your shoulder...a prius may be gaining on you."


Bon said...

hi space, i've been away from the blogosphere for awhile; i'm dreadfully behind the 'needle doings. allow me to catch up.

re 'the future:' don't you guys even think of leaving sea-town. we'd be a much poorer city if you did. not to mention, bon's & needles really ought to do dinner sometime. it'd be hard to manage that prospect if you were living elsewhere.

re 'food fight:' sounds like that kitchen wasn't worth the trouble - if speaking your mind ends up in a fight - there's not the diner to sup.

re 'combustion:' oy! who can tell who's crazy and who's not. lately i figure i'm tetering on the precipice of insanity. awfully motivating vantage point i must say.

re 'one of those ..:" i've recently learned that those silent prayers are actully heard and quite useful. my thoughts (and prayers) go out to kary. and by the way, that bumper stick was no coincidence.


spaceneedl said...

hello bon. long time no type.

we're not leaving, probably. then again, who knows what may happen? we'll have dinner before that, in any case.

the kitchen is finally rounding into shape. it's not bad, actually. worth the trouble? maybe. we'll ponder that awhile before deciding.

i hope you've decided to remain's one of your finest attributes.