Thursday, December 01, 2011

running like water

running is different here.

for one thing, you can go out wearing very little. shorts. shoes. smile.

it's much easier to get through the first mile. i mean, you're already warm.

and soon, you're sweating buckets. it just pours off of you.

rain, when it comes, is a relief. it too is warm, so rather than curse it, you welcome it and invite it to hang around awhile.

on you go, covering ground much more quickly than you're used to. the usual aches and pains are conspicuously absent~~apparently your body likes being warm like this. it's so much better than the alternative.

before you know it, you're done.

and rather than walk to cool down or immediately jump in the jump in the ocean. one step, two steps, dive. ahhhhhh....

is this heaven? it might be heaven. it sure ain't iowa.


Fish and Bicycles said...

Damn! I am SO craving some of that!

Not the running part, mind you.

Just the bit about the warmth, and the beaches, and the warm rain, and the jump in the ocean, and the warmth, and the beaches, and the...

Heavy sigh.

spaceneedl said...

i suppose i could've said "everything's different here." it's so true...