Monday, July 01, 2013

running note that won't mean a thing to anyone but me

so, i've run a bunch of trail events this year, and done fairly well amongst the old guys (50-59).

but i noticed one guy in particular was always finishing a spot or two ahead of me, usually by just a couple minutes.

jay grubb is his name, and i've never met him. not even sure what he looks like, really. all i know is he's 52, and runs a lot of trail events (great, now it sounds like i'm stalking him).

we both ran the taylor mountain half marathon this weekend (june 29), and a look at the results reveals that i finished first in my category (16/125 overall) ...and 9 minutes ahead of jay grubb.

so, there's that.


Bill said...

Ha! I love this! I sadly had to do the same thing after about 3-4 races : )

spaceneedl said...

last trail half i ran (redmond watershed in july), jay beat me by 5 minutes. i'll have to buy him a beer at some point...