Wednesday, January 29, 2014

threat assessment

america is the land of the gun and home of the school shooting.

as a result, i may have PTSD.

i just picked up an email from the principal at my daughter's school, telling parents there was a "shelter in place" alert at the school this morning.

a few words into the message, i was suppressing a panic attack. no exaggeration.

fuck this.


the rest of the story: there was a reported bank robbery in the neighborhood. shelter in place at the school is standard procedure in such situations. all clear was declared at 11:40 a.m.


i just re-read the email. same reaction.


Anonymous said...

Surely the bank robbery suspect had wicked mental illness because, you know, it's only gun owners with mental illness who shoot people. I'm so thankful Avery is okay; hopefully she and her compadres don't have PTSD like their parents.

spaceneedl said...

every day it's something. every day. the wolf is at everyone's door, and we just invite him in. it's madness.