Thursday, July 30, 2015


“where attention goes, energy flows.”
~ somebody

humans are screwing up the world at a frantic pace, and it occurs to us that it's probably a good idea to seek out some un-screwed places before they, too, are ruint.

the converse of this, of course, is that there are still some spectacular, unspoilt places out there, and we want to see them before we're ruint.

cuba, fer-instance. 
this guy visited cuba.
why not us?

until very recently, garden-variety americans were more or less prohibited from visiting this caribbean island 93 miles from our shores. because, communism. canadians and europeans vacationed there willy-nilly without turning into neo-reds, but not americans. they're made of stronger stuff than we are, apparently.

but, now! now american politicians are warming to the idea that decades of ignoring cuba achieved exactly nothing, and maybe it's time to let american corporations swoop in and disney-fy the whole place. because, capitalism.

it's our speculation that the speed at which disneyfication will occur will spin heads and break the island. and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be gone like arctic ice. thus our sense of urgency.

reasons to visit cuba, besides the through-the-looking-glass, so-50-years-ago cultural aspects:
this might be a good place to run.
just a guess.

Alejandro de Humboldt National Park

"Complex geology and varied topography have given rise to a diversity of ecosystems and species unmatched in the insular Caribbean and created one of the most biologically diverse tropical island sites on earth."

"With the recent thaw in US-Cuba relations, it's easier than ever for American runners to participate in the Marabana Havana Marathon on Nov. 15."

there are other places we're contemplating, and for convenience they all begin with the letter C. i don't know why. coincidence, perhaps.

in no particular order...

see crete on your feet.

featured prominently in christopher mcdougal's new book "natural born heroes," crete is the birthplace of zeus and theseus and ariadne. also, see "cradle of western civilization." apparently you can get some darn good food in crete, as well.

and, trails.


the croatian island of hvar has been compared to anguilla, bali, bora-bora, and kauai. favorably compared, it's probably important to note. we haven't been to any of those places, but they don't begin with "C," so they don't make our current list. some other time, awesome places.

its history is tied to the greeks and romans, and its wines are alleged to be world-class. again, we've not tried them, but are willing to do extensive research.

and, again, trails.

not cannes. but definitely
somewhere c
ôte d'azur.

this is, i realize, a reach. cannes is a touristy french city, and not really our cup of C. but it is in the south of france, a region we would love to visit again. from aix to antibes to nice to vence...i mean, france. especially the wine and cheese.

and, trails.

restrospect: yes, i know. côte d'azur. thanks.

we have the energy for these places right this second. now all we need is the time and the money.

proper attention to follow.

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