Sunday, October 16, 2016

...and the pursuit of human decency

"there's no difference between trump and clinton."
~ a former colleague mansplaining politics to two intelligent women
big mistake, dude.

evidently you've managed to convince yourself hillary clinton and donald trump are equivalent "because they both lie."

in doing so, you proudly flaunt your horrific failure of judgment.

you have a wife and daughter, right? 

so, let me ask you, would you feel safe leaving either of them alone in a room with trump? 

more importantly, do you think they would feel safe?

if you're honest, the answer to both questions is "no." 

cynically stating there's no difference between the confessed sex offender and the flawed candidate who has spent years fighting for women's rights (while fighting her own battles against misogyny), demeans the women in your life. 

worse, your failure to differentiate between them actually increases the chance the women you care about will be physically assaulted by men who share trump's view that women are just a collection of body parts to be rated and grabbed, whenever.

it comes to this: i wouldn't allow my daughter in your home.

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