Wednesday, November 09, 2016

one minute more

"courage is fear holding on a minute longer."

~ george s. patton

a low, dark energy is afoot today, and the world is watching to see what decent people do next.

and while it's tempting to cringe and turn away in disgust, closer to home our children are watching as well.

our daughter, one of the most relentlessly positive people i know, is withdrawn and wary.

our son, a recent high school grad, is half-jokingly saying "the end is nigh."

we honestly don't know what to tell them this morning, because they're too smart to believe pollyanna platitudes.

so, i'm going to tell them this: the world is going to need a lot of brave people today. be one of them.

hold on a minute longer. and a minute more than that. and another. and another.

people we care about are watching.

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