Wednesday, February 14, 2018

doom nation

america is a death cult.

it's always been that way.

from the time europeans set foot on the continent, the story has been one of relentless slaughter.

native americans were killed en masse to more efficiently steal their land. africans were forcibly brought here by the millions to be enslaved, tortured, and killed.

without irony, the very symbols of the nation were pushed to the brink of extinction. eagles were shot for sport and for their feathers. coyotes and wolves were hunted and poisoned. buffalo were slaughtered, their bodies left to rot on the plains.

our government backed murderous regimes and peddled weapons of mass destruction to anyone who could afford them.

wars were started and countless civilians killed because "america is exceptional."

america is exceptional at one thing: dealing out death. 

we've gotten so good at it, we're numb to the tens of thousands of our own citizens killed by guns every year.

we're even apathetic about children getting shot.

throughout history, show me a culture, a nation, or an empire that indifferently looked on while its populace randomly massacred each other, and i'll show you one that would not survive.

america. land of the ar-15. home of the damned.

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