Thursday, September 13, 2018

duck and cover


someone you love has died.

worse, that they died in distressafter surviving a horrific stormbecause they couldn't get the water or the shelter or perhaps the medicine they needed to stay alive.

imagine their shock and panic and eventual resignation as their time on earth slowly ticked away, waiting for help that never came.
pre-emptive reminder: puerto rico is a united states territory and its people are americans.
today, a year after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico, the "president" of the united states defiled the memory of 3,000 victims by saying they didn't really die.

he recently congratulated himself on the great job he did rebuilding the island, despite the fact that it's surrounded by big water and hurricanes are big and wet.
today another potentially catastrophic hurricane is on the doorstep of the carolinas.

the "president" tweeted to say "we are completely ready" this time.

no doubt that's comforting to the people in the path of the storm, based on the great job he always says he does and the lives that definitely won't be lost.

no matter how many actually perish.

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