Thursday, October 03, 2019

Still rolling 7s

It didn't seem like a seismic event at the time.

But seven years later, I realize how completely and permanently a new running store in our neighborhood changed my life.

Seven Hills Running Shop opened Oct.2, 2012. I was there that dayand then at the shop's first group run, and then on more days than I can count.

Because of this little shop, and the community it's inspired, I'm the beneficiary of more lasting friendships than I could've imaginedand hopefully been a better human in return.

Because of this little shop, I've met and run with and shared beers with some of the most amazing athletes on the planet, people accomplishing extraordinary things on and off the trails.

Because of this little shop, I've: 

* Run literally thousands of miles
* Run farther in a day than I ever thought possible
* Run in states from Hawaii to Florida (and a few other countries as well)
* Seen, up close, stunning natural beauty I would've experienced only via photographs
All because one day seven years ago I fell in with a bad crowd at a local running shop.

I may never be able to fully pay forward this good fortune. 

But I am going to try.

Happy birthday, Team 7 Phils.

Cheers to many more.

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