Saturday, December 23, 2006


we're in the throes of remodeling our life.

which is to say, in this instance, that our living room now features a fireplace. with a new tv above it. kinda like the picture here, except totally different.

imagine our space without the cut stone surround. or the corner placement. or the knotty pine paneling. or the naughty movie on the tv (as far as you know).

aside from that, it's identical. squint a can see it, right?

anyway, it's an HD tv, and it's mesmerizing. almost like watching real life, except in HD. in high definition you can see things onscreen that you've never seen onscreen before. some of which you could probably do without. unruly nose hairs. scars. makeup. it's like getting right up in somebody's grill with a magnifing glass. sometimes up-close is just too close. sometimes aura and mystique can't stand too much scrutiny.

anyway, we weren't going to get caught up in the whole huge flat screen tv thing. we were quite happy with our 10-year-old-school 32-inch model. the picture quality was perfectly fine, and it was way paid-for. but with the installation of the fireplace it was either go with the flat screen or go sans tv in the living room.

and while our viewing commitment has diminished over the years (we only went dvd last christmas), we weren't prepared to cut it off entirely. so we went flat, we went big, and we went lcd.

it's all relative, i know. we have a 40-inch display, which is much smaller than some in-home family theater multiplex cineramas. but it holds a dominant position up there above the fireplace, and damn if it doesn't get your attention. if you pay attention to such things. if only the available programming was as HQ as the HD.

ah, well.

our ongoing, big-picture, life reconfiguration continues. we can't wait to see what happens next.


Bon said...

so did ya fire up the yule log channel on that there great hunk of technology?

spaceneedl said...

can you do that? or do we need a yule fire dvd? or maybe

this is important, because the gas line won't be hooked up for at least a couple more weeks.

please advise.

Bon said...

You may be out of luck. I think the yule channel only runs on the 24th and 25th. Though, I'll bet there is a yule dvd.

In the meantime, baketball is the
b-o-m-b on HDBA. Not to mention Looney Tunes and all the other classic cartoons.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I recently picked up the Samsung 50 inch DLP. The way the NFL has the cameras hovering over the field, those Philly Eagles have never made me so proud, what with me in the huddle and all.

Who cares about fiscal responsibility?

spaceneedl said...


yeah, fireplace burns hotter than yours.*

what about that?!

* i don't know this for a fact. i can't really back it up.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 fireplaces that both come on with a flick of a switch.

And my debt is much bigger than yours.

It really pleases my wife how big my debt is.

spaceneedl said...

i can't comment intelligently on the size of my debt. my wife took charge of it awhile ago, and i rarely get to see it.

this is probably for the best.

Bon said...

ps: On a little foray to Barnes & Noble last night, I noticed they had the Yule Log dvd for 50% off!

I just love a bargain, don't you?