Thursday, December 28, 2006


i miss my dogs.

i know this because occasionally i get all mushy thinking about them. this unwelcome occurrence doesn't even have the decency to announce its arrival. it sneaks up on me and covers me with emotional goo.

yuck. frickin' emotions.

a couple days ago, in the park with the children, another family came along with a golden retriever puppy. she was amazingly well-behaved and affectionate and endearing. and i immediately flashed back to my dogs. how they were different, how they were the same.

the pup leaned up against my legs and insisted on a good scritching, just like my dogs...

stop it. go away, good dog. i have no time for you or your puppy kisses or your happy grin or your big ol' goofy paws.

later i was driving along, minding my business, listening to a cd in my car...and stumbled across this lyric...
I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along
boom. thinking about my dogs again. frickin' song lyrics. why do they have to annoy me so. no more songs for me. from now on this a song-free zone. i can't hear you, la la la la...

so anyway, it's occurring to me that i might entertain the idea of another dog. some day. i don't know why.

frick. frickin' dogs.

why do they have to stay with me this way?


Bon said...

Me too.

Miya got a furry little robotic, and yet adorable, "puppy" for Christmas.
The dang thing responds to many commands, as well as, and this is where it gets emotionally challenging, affection!
Not suprisingly, "Lucky" has stirred up my emotions and has me longing for a real pup,too.

The beauty of the robotic pet? No poop to clean up and no worries when you leave the house.

spaceneedl said...

right now it's very easy not to be responsible for more living things.

i'm plenty challenged with the ones i have.

this spring, or maybe this summer, i may be able to take on more...