Saturday, January 06, 2007

you're gonna like the way you look...*

* i guarantee it.

the party is heating up in the green zone. and this week, after a long (long) wait, george bush appears ready to throw some more flammable things on the fire.
Bush told more than a dozen senators Friday that he would settle on [escalation] only if the Iraqi government offered certain guarantees, according to senators who attended the meeting.
guarantees from the iraqi government. what do you suppose those are worth? say, for example, that the iraqi government guaranteed the sun would come up tomorrow...wouldn'tcha immediately go out and buy some flashlights?

in one of its last and most ironic (or is it iconic) acts, the 109th congress set aside $20 million to celebrate the u.s. victory in iraq and afghanistan.

sounds like fun, doesn't it? wonder what they'll be serving...

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