Thursday, February 22, 2007

i am garlic

don't come any closer.

i reek of garlic. i exude garlic. i have a phd in eau de garlique.

i am garlic.

last night we had take-out from the mediterranean kitchen on queen anne. dear lord, the garlic.

chicken shawerma. chicken shish tawook. hummus. salad with dressing made almost entirely of garlic...and a few spices.

my wife and i loved this restaurant, back in the day. but when we moved back to the area, it was gone. we assumed it had gone out of business. turns out it moved three blocks east, and has been doing just fine, thank you.

this morning, everything in the refrigerator is infused with garlic. the kitchen is awash in garlic. we are immersed in garlic.

thankfully, it's heart-healthy. in that case, our hearts will continue beating long after we're gone. people will see our freakish, still-beating hearts and say, "they must've eaten at mediterranean kitchen."

tonight: leftovers.

(but right now i need to go shave my tongue.)


Anonymous said...

My first serious girlfriend back in '96 wanted to make some garlic steak for me. The recipe called for 1 clove of garlic. She and I believed that 1 clove was 1 of the items in your picture which happens to have several cloves.

The apartment smelled for 7 days straight, but I ate every bit of that steak and my heart has been strong ever since.


Bon said...

Space, are you bitchin' or braggin' ?

the envious one