Saturday, January 17, 2009

it turns out, we control the weather...

if it's mid-winter, it must be time for a pineapple express in the northwest.

exquisitely timed to coincide with a long-planned spaceneedl family ski trip to canada.

the parallels to last year's canada ski trip are eerie. expectations of deep snow, cold temperatures and general winter wackiness, contradicted by a forecast of warm temps and rain.

not that we're complaining. like last year (and this year, and every other year), any getaway is worthy of enshrinement on a pedestal, whether our clever plans are realized or not.

within reason, of course.

it's interesting to learn that our itinerary dictates the weather. it's an awesome responsibility. had we known, we'd have made plans to change weather patterns all over the globe.

updates to follow as time and activities allow...

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