Wednesday, May 12, 2010

where was junior?

it’s ken griffey junior’s fault.

if he hadn’t been asleep in the clubhouse, the mariners wouldn't be in an unrecoverable tailspin. they wouldn't have lost 10 of their last 12 games.

and the players wouldn't be freezing out a longtime beatwriter who had the nerve to report pesky facts about junior sleeping in the clubhouse during yet another season-killing loss.

we in america demand more from our sports icons.

where was junior when the oil rig blew up? sleeping in the clubhouse.

where was he when the arizona legislature passed its odious racial profiling legislation? snoring on his sofa.

didja know tiger woods pulled out at the players championship? and by that i mean "he walked off the course during the fourth round complaining of a neck injury." where was junior? putting on a sleep apnea clinic.

if the mariners want to pay the guy $5 million to be ichiro's designated tickler, that's their prerogative. if don wakamatsu doesn't think junior's a good pinch-hitting option over a catcher hitting a terrifying .140, hey, he's the manager.

but if junior's gonna be aleep at the switch while the rest the world falls apart around him...

well, he's no role model, that's for sure.


Bon said...

hey - that was an alleged power nap. we have no proof.

and, even if he was snoozing - is it our business?

i side with those who question the mole who tole, er, told.

spaceneedl said...

the nap is a distraction. we're taking our eye off the ball, which is that the mariner's playoff chances are already over, before memorial day.

start dreaming about who they can get for cliff lee...

Fish and Bicycles said...

I'm still holding out tiny bit of hope that the this season could still, at least, get back to entertaining baseball if not playoff contention.

Jack Z has proven that he can make deals happen that no one saw coming, deals that have, unquestionably, turned the club around in an almost miraculously short time.

He has to add some offense, and sadly it will mean losing Lee, who is one hell of a pitcher and it will be hard to see him go, along with fantasies that, if the Mariners did contend this year he might consider a contract extension.

He has to add some offense, and there is actually little evidence to suggest that he won't.

spaceneedl said...

howard, have you looked at their current record? i'm not seeing that jackie z turned the club around, unless you mean "turned it back into a 101-loss team."

look, i drank the kool-aid a long ago, and i'll still keep coming back for more...but at this point they'd have to go on a huge tear just to get back to .500.