Monday, September 02, 2013

sept. 7, part III

more than one way to dance...
as i may have mentioned once or twice, i'm preparing for this "marathon" thing.

which means i've been running extra miles here and there, in hopes my body won't get halfway into the event and decide, "no."

in the handful of months leading up to race day (sept. 7), i averaged about 110 miles per. in the final few weeks pre-taper i averaged about 39 miles per. in august, according to my handy-dandy mileage log web site, i ran 155 miles.

that's 20+ miles farther than any calendar page in my brief running history.

i don't want to make a big deal of this, because lots of runners i know put in lots more miles than that every month. on the other hand, i do want to dance a quick little dance celebrating the difference between august and all the months that came before it.

there. done. i'm not much of a dancer.

continuing on this path, it turns out that i want to continue on this path. which is to say, i want this to be the first of many such events. after this, i have an october trail half marathon on oahu...after that i'm eyeballing a trail marathon in november. 

after that...who knows.

but, i get ahead of myself. one goal at a time.

one step at a time.

on my feet and moving.

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