Sunday, January 24, 2016

capitol idea

"dude, get over yourself." ~ the entire world
i have excuses.

up too early.

too much rain.

wore the wrong gear for rain.

wore the wrong shoes.

the sleeve of my water-logged jacket kept snagging some velcro on my hydration vest.

heavy legs.

runny nose.

some unfortunate chafing.

GI issues.

didn't eat or drink a thing the entire race because of GI issues.

these are just some of the completely legit excuses for a lousy run at the 2016 capitol peak mega fatass.

ten minutes after i changed into dry clothes, the excuses were irrelevant and the run turned awesome.
t-minus 67 days to #gw100k.
2016 capitol peak mega fatass

17 miles (27.4k)
40/147 (overall)
5/14 (m 50-59)

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