Sunday, January 10, 2016

gorge, rising... #gw100k

(representative columbia river waterfall.
your waterfall may vary.)
"t-minus 82 days to #gw100k"

the gorge waterfalls 100k trail race is approaching... i was gonna say " a freight train," but that's not quite right.

#gw100k is more like an asteroid hurtling toward earth. you can't see it yet, but you know it's out there, and its arrival is just a matter of time.

depending on the day, i'm either piloting a ship directly into the path of said asteroid intent on blowing that f*cker up, or i'm uselessly looking for a cave in which to hide.

which is to say, i'm not ready yet.

when i signed up for this thing, however, i was REALLY not ready. i was tired, mentally and physically, and had serious doubts about lining up on april 2.

still, it felt like it was time to test some new limits, so i got in.

standing here today, i still have many doubts, but their howling is slightly less ominous.

just found out i won a free entry into the mccall trailrunning classic in idaho. a 40-miler in july. how hot could that possibly be? hmm...average highs: 80. average lows: 43. dressing for this will be interesting. layers will be involved...if i've never mentioned it, i hate being cold.

note: many thanks to glenn tachiyama and his "tribute to the trails" calender project raffle; and to brandi bolli-humphrey, who donated the space for the event!
this may be a good time to point out that i've never run longer than 50k (31 miles). forty miles, not to mention 60+ miles, is quite a ways out of my wheelhouse.

and yet for some reason i also dropped an entry card into glenn's raffle for the 2016 bigfoot 100k. i didn't win that one, but the idea hasn't gone away.

what are you trying to do to me, 2016?
lodging for 7 people in troutdale, oregon: confirmed. we have a place to crash the night before and the night after the race. strongly suspect sleep will be hard to come by on april 1; probably not a problem april 2.
also just confirmed: sweeping one loop (25 miles) of the inaugural orcas island 100 mile race (feb. 19-20). overnight. it'll be good to get the miles in; also good practice for...uh...being out in the cold, in the dark.

will be working the team 7 hills aid station friday and saturday, as well. currently not sure when sleep will happen.

this may be a good time to point out i don't get enough sleep.
eleven trail/road miles yesterday, sore left achilles today. run? rest? i need a long back-to-back.


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