Friday, March 11, 2016

shhhh... #gw100k

no-solace soleus.
i don't want to say this too loud, but...

i'm injured.

i figure if i don't say it too loud, it won't be as true as it may be, and i'll recover faster.

i need some plausible deniability here, so give me some space.

it happened wednesday night in the howling wind and pouring rain.

i'm not implying a connection between that storm and this injury. i'm just saying i'm tired of this fucking weather.

it's a soleus strain. again. the same kind of injury that kept me out of last year's orcas 25k

two days ago i would've said i'm in the best shape of my life.

today i'm standing here saying, "what the actual fuck."
as a last big push before #gw100k, i'm supposed to run the chuckanut 50k next saturday, march 19th. after that, two weeks of tapering.

i'm not sure i'll be able to run between now and the 19th. but i can certainly ride the hell out of a stationary bike.
i've come too far. too far. 21 days to #gw100k


dpc said...

Hey Michael - wishing you all the best on your 100K. That is a major undertaking, bro. I hope you emerge triumphant.
Weather looks pretty good. Little warm for my tastes but better than a mud fest or typhoon. May you have lots of shade.
I'll be thinking of you during my nice SHORT scamper through Soaring Eagle Park on Sat morning.

Stay positive and give 'em hell. See you back in Seattle. DPC.

spaceneedl said...

thanks, doug. i appreciate the kind words and the encouragement.