Wednesday, September 07, 2016

moving forward

representative kitchen. your kitchen may vary.
see your kitchen for details.
"we are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.” 
charles bukowski
we're making some changes around here.

it starts in the master bathroom. instead of standing on subflooring and moving-blankets, we're now standing on heated ceramic tile. we figured nearly three years of the former was long enough. 

fine print: there's also a new shower, new (old-but-restored) clawfoot tub, and new double vanity. so we can see how tired we look in not one but two mirrors. 

new washer and dryer. this washer actually gets stuff clean.

moving on to the living room, we now have built-in cabinetry to store (hide) stuff. also, a big wine rack. i may have buried the lede in the previous sentences. because, wine.

in the kitchen, i recently began using the ninja smoothie maker i received as a christmas gift two years ago. turns out i like smoothies. and there are recipes.

after getting grossed out by the coffee maker purchased three years ago, i've moved on to a french press. it'll get cleaned every day, as opposed to once in three years. also, after some trial and error, the new thing makes good coffee.

other recent and/or proposed changes: 
the missus has a new job. now with more travel! yay? 

the girl begins her sophomore year of high school today. now with new start-times! instead of a manageable 7:45 a.m. drop-off, it's now 8:45. how this is remotely workable for working parents, i have no idea.

the boy is (allegedly) going to join the navy. we've seen no steps toward this goal thus far, but one thing is certain: he won't be living at home playing video games.

i stopped eating potato chips for a while.

that's about it for now. tune in next week for another episode of "omg, seriously? i want the last sixty seconds of my life back, jerk!"

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