Friday, May 13, 2005

mcclellan squeezed

it's always nice when slimy, squirming scott mcclellan gets put through the wringer. give the boy credit, though. he just learned the word 'protocol' and he's trying to work it into every stumbling sentence he utters.
Q I think there's a disconnect here because, I mean, yesterday you had more than 30,000 people who were evacuated, you had millions of people who were watching this on television, and there was a sense at some point -- it was a short window, a 15-minute window, but there was a sense of confusion among some on the streets. There was a sense of fear. And people are wondering was this not a moment for the President to exercise some leadership, some guidance during that period of time? Was this not a missed opportunity for the President to speak out and at least clarify what -- that he was informed, and what was taking place at that time? If not even during the 15-minute window, why not later in the day?

slimy scott mcclellan: The President did lead, and the President did that after September the 11th when we put the protocols in place to make sure that situations like this were addressed before it was too late. And that was the case -- that was the case in this situation. And in terms of during this time, this was a matter of minutes when this was occurring. And all the appropriate security personal and Homeland Security officials and others were acting to implement those protocols. And we commend all those that worked to follow those protocols and make sure that this situation was addressed. And it worked, in terms of the protocols.
got that? the president did lead. he led the bike ride he was on, all the way back to the candy store. and when he got there he sat down and read his favorite book, "my pet goat."

i like goats. and riding my bike!

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