Monday, May 02, 2005

white house insecurity

carol towarnicky is aghast. agape. agog.

she's the chief editorial writer at the philadelphia daily news, so she has some experience in discerning the newsworthiness of a story.

so why, carol wonders, has the mainstream media totally punted on james guckert, aka jeff gannon, the white house's favorite gay porn/escort shill?
IF A REPORTER who doubled as a gay hooker had visited the Clinton White House nearly 200 times, think it would have made the news? And if 39 of those White House visits were mysteriously unrelated to his "reporting" duties, imagine what innuendoes would be issuing forth from Planet Limbaugh. Imagine the organized phone call campaign demanding newspapers and TV stations report the story.

But Gannon/Guckert isn't being unveiled or innuendoed or even blipped on media radar screens, even among liberals.
if the post-9/11 fear factory, aka the white house, has an imposter running around within spitting distance of the president, why isn't that news? in the post-"moral values" election white house, did the secret service know a gay porn star was within kissing distance of the president?

the people who let this guy pass 196 times have some serious explaining to do, and so far they've refused to do so. and it's because the media is complicit in giving the story a pass.

so, either the "liberal media" is dead, or every white house correspondent is being paid from the ari fleischer memorial slush fund.

either way, towarnicky is right, and you've gotta wonder what kind of parties they're throwing at 1600...

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