Sunday, June 14, 2009

dammit jim, i was wrong again...

awhile back i wrote about the new star trek movie, and it's possible i may have been less than enthusiastic about it...
"i ain't down with this. not one bit.

paramount studios is gearing up to shoot a new "star trek" movie, featuring the characters from the original series.

not the original actors, mind you. same characters, different faces.

i'm a big fan of the star trek franchise. i have been, i realize, for decades. so i should be happy to see another installment, with an all-new (old) enterprise brought to life with the latest digital legerdemain.

but i'm not."
i was wrong.

the new star trek is magnificent.

all my blather about the new movie being "...pointless. and lame. and diminish(ing) the franchise" ?

way wrong. a couple of hours in the theater and suddenly, for me, it's not a franchise. it's a phenomenon.

i'll spare you my glowing praise of the story and the excellence of the cast. most everybody beat me to it anyway.

but for the record, the cast, young as they are, did the old people proud. deforest kelly and james doohan can rest easy, as their signature roles are in good hands.

the writers even figured out how to incorporate ensign chekov into the crew, even though he would've been way too young to hang out with the young kirk and spock.

added bonus feature: i took the little needls to see the movie with me. it's entirely possible they've been assimilated as well. one can hope.

which is really what four decades of star trek have been about.

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