Saturday, June 06, 2009


summer came early to magnolia this year.

the weather took a turn for the blissful, and the farmers market opened ahead of tradition.

these are both very good things.

it's never too soon to be able to throw on shorts and a t-shirt and go outside without risking hypothermia. in seattle, that day is usually july 5th. this is more of a problem with each passing year, as the desire to be warm increasingly becomes a biological imperative.

the farmers market is part of our summer routine. we walk to the village, attend to an errand or two, pick up coffee at the bakery, then make our way through this week's vendors.

there's a seafood stand this year. another offers fresh soups. smoked salmon, northwest chowder, and a thick slice of foccacia make a pretty good (and easy) dinner. an excellent glass (or three) of blue sky pinot noir doesn't hurt one bit.

some things you do out of habit, some out of a sense of order. some you go back to after a few months because they're timeless and comforting. we need these things to counter the uncertain and the unknown, which are always in abundance.

seasons change, people come and go. the farmers market endures.


Bon said...

Re: The weather. Worry wart that I am, I'm wondering if we're experiencing our post July 4th-one-month-allotment of summer now.

Re: Farmers Market. Greatest weeknight dinner ever.

Re: Blue Sky Pinot. Yay. It certainly doesn't hurt one bit - no matter what they say.

spaceneedl said...

what will we get in july, then? after the worst winter in recent memory, we've earned the extra-long extra-summery summer.

i think they say wine is heart-healthy and cancer-prevention-y, in moderation.

i believe i'll embrace that theory.