Monday, May 25, 2009

thalassic haunts

i dreamed about swimming with sharks last night.

unlike swimming in a cage off oahu, this was kinda scary.

i have no idea what it means, but the feeling in the dream was that an attack was imminent.

i woke up before it happened.

in the cage, you could see treble fishhooks trailing from various shark appendages. this was an interesting detail to notice, given that rows of shark teeth were within easy reach. in the dream, the details weren't as obvious, but the sense of danger was far more heightened.

go figure.

no, really. what does it mean? or do dreams mean anything? are they just artifacts of a late dinner and a little extra fatigue? or is something more going on?

i have no idea. all i know is, i woke up a little shaken, and it took awhile to fall back to sleep.

meanwhile, i'm having a hard time influencing events swirling around me. i'm not used to this, even though i realize, deep down, that "control" is an illusion. i get it.



Bon said...

Sharks in your dreams? You don't see this as symbolic in some way?

Have you looked at your previous posts?

No sir, dreams are not "leftovers." Though, I firmly believe a glass (or two, if you insist) enhances most any vocation - even dreams.

Get thee to Follow the Animals link to Sharks.

You'll see ...

spaceneedl said...

objection, leading the witness.

the interpretation site is interesting. and if we're having a glass of something, why not have two? or more...