Monday, January 18, 2010

house arrest

our house is like a u.s. marine.

it's been broken down and built back up again.

if you had seen it 6 years ago, you wouldn't recognize it today.

and yet, we're still not done. oh, no. there is much money to be spent before we move.

that's right. all the work, all the hours, all the resources poured into this place...all so we can sell it and move on to the next reclamation project.

it is to weep.

mrs. spaceneedl has never liked the house. since before we moved in, she's been twitching to change it from the inside-out and the outside-in. often at the same time. and no matter how much change that's occurred, no matter how recently, it's never been enough. more is always required, immediately if not yesterday. it's been a breathless race to see how many improvement projects we can line up like dominoes, in an unbroken line from the day we moved in up to right this second.

{for those who like to read between the lines, let's be clear---i'm talking about the house, not me. i'm pretty sure.}

updated bath upstairs. new bath downstairs. new laundry room. new french door walkout from the master bedroom to a new patio area in front. new walkways front and back. new fence(s) front and back. a new staircase to the basement (it goes up AND down---we paid extra for that). built-in cabinetry upstairs and down. and soon...a fully updated kitchen.

these are the biggies, but be advised, there's more. lots more. but it'll all be worth it, because one day we can sit back and enjoy the results of the toil, the turmoil and tumult for years to come. right?

pfft. wrong. someone else will get to do that. as soon as the kitchen is done, we're bailing. as quickly as the market will allow.

some observers might reasonably take a look around and ask "why?" the missus takes a look around and says, "why not?"

to be fair, the house was never supposed to be a 10-year solution. it's too small (particularly with two children and nowhere to hide from them). and, call us crazy, but we want a water view. we live within splashing distance of puget sound, but we can't see it. it's like moving cross-country to live in a forest and not being able to see the trees. what's the point of that?

and yet, somehow, in june we'll have been living in this house for 6 years. my, how time flies when there's sawdust in the air.

so, all the work notwithstanding, we're gearing up to move on.

to the poor house, in all likelihood.

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