Saturday, January 30, 2010

must-see tv

there isn't much on tv worth watching these days.

come to think of it, you could make a pretty good case that there never has been.

and yet somehow, to a very great degree, television has come to define america and americans (which is a frightening and comical indictment of our little experiment in democracy).

that said...once in a great while tv does offer up something worth seeing. and the fact that it's so rare makes the occasional aberration all the more compelling.

that's what happened yesterday. live. in the middle of the day. almost by accident.

to set the stage, barack obama paid a visit to the house republican caucus friday, exchanged some pleasantries, then engaged in an hour-long Q&A. prior to the event, gop officials at first resisted letting the cameras roll, but relented at the urging of the white house.

the results, above, were riveting.

unlike the latest very special episode of blossom---or whatever now fills that very special time slot---this really is must-see tv.

no matter which side of the aisle you sit on, shirely we can agree that more of this kind of drama would do the country a world of good.

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