Tuesday, June 12, 2012

desaturation point

the dirty water washes down
poisoning the common ground

taking sins of farm and town
and bearing them away
the captains of industry
and their tools on the hill
they're killing everything divine
what will I tell this child of mine?

~don henley


it's done.

i just cleared out my twitter account.

i couldn't take any more politics and propaganda and dogma-porn. so i unfollowed 25 sources of news and opinion tweets.

i know: woo hoo.

but every so often you have to climb up out of the cesspool and shower off. with disinfectant soap.

soon i'll be as unqualified to comment on political issues as 99% of americans. i will be a low-information voter.

next: unsubscribing from the email lists.

that will take longer.

disclaimer: historically this won't last. eventually, inevitably i start jonesing for another hit of ginned-up hysteria and faux drama. and i jump back in.

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