Friday, October 23, 2015

aloha hour

well, well. look who we have here.
"now boarding for honolulu..."

i didn't bring sunglasses. #knewiforgotsomething

waiting at the gate while they repair a mechanical problem. there is some irony in that the temperature aboard the plane is about what it will be on the island. and yet, people don't seem to be enjoying it. #delayed

on one smallish device i can text, talk, type, surf, photograph, video, record, listen, map, search, forecast, track, document, and access the sum total of human knowledge. technology level: #miraculous #6s

didn't sleep well last night. hoping to sleep on the flight and wake up feeling refreshed. #neckpillow

taking off an hour and 20 minutes late. a full 80 minutes of hawaii time literally ripped from my grasp. #firstworldwhining

the hawaiian air pre-flight video cost a fortune to shoot ~ multi-camera set-ups on every island ~ but every dime shows up on the itty-bitty screen on the seat-back in front of me. #productionvalue

can't sleep. so much for the #neckpillow #sleepdeniedissleepdeprived

"poomilla" is not the name of a real flower. #sorrydear

in-flight vodkas at 11:15 in the morning? "can we get two each?" #seriously

hydrating like crazy. still, my feet are swollen and my fingers feel like sausages. #morewaterplease

"we'll be coming through the aisles with our beverage carts, and for our guests 21 and over we have a tropical rum punch..."

"sir, can i offer you something to drink?"
"no, i'm good, thanks."
"and you, sir?"
"i'll take a punch."
#yeshereallysaidit #nicehawaiianpunch

more in-flight vodkas at 11:45 in the morning. "can we get two more, each?" #loudly

read read read. type type type. #passingtime

"we'll be coming through the cabin to collect all service items in preparation for landing in honolulu..."

zzzzzzzzzz... #finetimeforanap

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