Wednesday, October 28, 2015

kicking it up a notch: #gw100k

i'll be running the 2016 version, btw...
"how do you get to carnegie hall?"
"practice, practice, practice."

words i never imagined i'd type:

"i signed up for a 100k."

i mean, it hasn't been that long ago that i said, "i still don't like running. but i've been hating it less recently...

it was even less long ago that i ran my first half marathon, and cried at the end of it.

it was just two years ago that i ran my first marathon, something i really believed i'd never do.

so how did i get from being a run-hater to a running fool to 22 weeks away from attempting a 100k with 12,000 feet of elevation?

like so many things in this life: i have no idea.

but with a handful of marathons and 50k finishes now in my repertoire, here's what i do know: any 100k is going to be hard. this one, in particular, is going to be rillyrilly hard. but, you know, one step at a time.

having spent the money on registration (and the custom t-shirt and the pint glass), i figure i'm all-in. and while i won't be fast, i am willing to try rillyrilly hardTM.

a sign very much like this one... #gw100k
the run-up to the runpocalypse will be documented here, with the telltale #gw100k in the header. if you have no interest in these sporadic training tales, the hashtag will warn you away like a, uh, sign that warns people away from things.

we try to avoid the tragic results whenever possible...

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