Wednesday, October 28, 2015

getting past the tipping point #gw100k

this is hal koerner, an elite runner with a plan.
not MY plan, mind you...
yesterday was day one.

or t-minus 159 days to gorge waterfalls 100k.

either way, just before noon yesterday the reality that this race is an actual thing reached a tipping point, and my anxiety level spiked.

that feeling doesn't suit me at all, so i did something about it.

1. google "100k training plan"
2. sort through multiple plans untethered from my ability to run THAT MANY miles in a week (dear hal koerner, your plan looks great for an elite, unmarried, financially independent runner; i am none of those things)
look, right there it says, "and ultraladies men!"
i'm no ladies man, but the training plan looks good.
3. eventually find a plan that a) looks manageable and b) might actually have me prepared by race day
4. disregard the fact that the plan is from the "UltraLadies" web site, and is actually a 50-mile training plan. what's 12 more miles?
5. print calendar pages for oct. 2015 to april 2016
6. mark up calendar pages with planned (and completed) workouts; totally include all october runs retroactively (i ran a half marathon a week and a half ago!)
7. feel anxiety levels dropping
8. leave work early and go for a run

today is day two. or t-minus 158 days to #gw100k.

why am i still standing here?

(leaves work to go run...)

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