Thursday, November 19, 2015

hell, meet handbasket

the dirty water washes down
poisoning the common ground
taking sins of farm and town
right wing christian swimming area.
and bearing them away
and the captains of industry
and their tools on the hill
they’re killing everything divine
what will I tell this child of mine?

~ don henley, goodbye to a river

in the last 24 hours....

sarah palin: "jesus would defend our second amendment rights!"

donald trump: "the u.s. will have no choice but to close down mosques."

chris christie: "i wouldn't take 3-year old orphans into new jersey."

ben carson: "refugees are like rabid dogs."

jeb bush: "we should allow in orphans and christians. people who clearly aren't going to be terrorists. there are no christian terrorists in the middle east."

the house of representatives of the united states of america: "go somewhere else, syrian refugees."

john kasich: "i would create a federal agency to promote judeo-christian values around the world."

"not the ones jesus talked about," kasich didn't go on to say. "rather, the ones we believe in here in america."

one hell of a day.

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