Sunday, November 29, 2015

winterfest with attitude

last evening we returned from buying a christmas tree on bainbridge island.

it was a "cut-your-own" place, complete with hot apple cider and handsaws that may have been sharp, once.

we waited in the ferry queue for over an hour on the way back, worrying we wouldn't make it home in time to see the annual tree lighting in magnolia village. 

we made it, with 10 minutes to spare. the lights went on, and everyone said "ooh" and "ahh." after, smiling adults and young children wandered the bucolic main street visiting festively decorated shops.

rockwell would have felt right at home.

on our return to the house, i loosed the tree from the top of the car, and began tying it to the rail next to the driveway. while doing so, i became aware of two women, nearby, shouting at each other...

"no, YOU shut up!"
"i can't believe you called the fire department!"
"i was trying to help you!"
"shut your face!"

there was more leading up to this exchange, but those were the words that made me stop and pay attention. 

(it may be worth noting that in magnolia overt drama typically manifests itself in the occasional, furtive eye-roll. one hardly ever hears "shut your face!" outside the local playground.)

with that, the shouting stopped.

and i went back inside.

no additional drama has ensued today. 


update: dropping off the girl for a babysitting gig, i was tailgated and flipped the bird by a guy who apparently wanted me to drive more over the speed limit than i was comfortable with.

shut your face, tailgating dude.

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