Friday, February 12, 2010

daddy's night in

this never happens.

it's friday night, and no one's home but me.

all the other needls are out on the town. the boy child is up skiing in the rain. missus spaceneedl and the girl child are at the ballet.

it's daddy time.

we're starting with a frozen pizza. something from california pizza kitchen. it has chicken on it.

red wine. a rioja i picked up at trader joe's. it's not bad.

salad. something i made from ingredients in the veggie drawer. i know, crazy right?

and finally, the evening's entertainment...something i'd never get to watch with the missus.

inglourious basterds.

this is not on par with a night spent skiing, and certainly cannot compare with the ballet.

but i'll take it.

* * * * *

update: regarding "inglourious basterds"...i chose poorly.

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